Historic Barn Wedding & Event Coordinator

Special Events are meaningful experiences for clients and guests and the Historic Barn Wedding & Event Coordinator guides Jorgensen Farms’ clients through that process. From the time the client officially reserves their event date, the assigned Event Coordinator is their main point of contact to ensure continuity in planning and consistency in relaying of event details. When the process is completed with the Event Coordinator playing an active role in confidently and calmly leading the event, clients are left feeling relaxed and can enjoy the time with friends and family. Event Coordinators will also be providing site tours to prospective clients, as they can offer a unique perspective on how events are run at Jorgensen Farms. 

Because of the close working relationship that clients develop with their Event Coordinator, it is imperative that the Event Coordinator has an outgoing, welcoming and hospitable personality and is comfortable working with people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. Simultaneously, the Event Coordinator must manage client expectations to ensure that the Jorgensen Farms team can successfully deliver the experience they seek. A successful Event Coordinator will be open and honest and sensitive to the needs of the client and the farm as a whole.

Teamwork is a necessity in hospitality and the Event Coordinator will collaborate with Catering, Floral Design, and Setup teams on a regular basis. Strength in organization, written and verbal communication, and attention to detail are required to properly relay client details to all relevant parties. For the client, the Event Coordinator is the face of the entire Jorgensen Farms team working to create a memorable experience.


Client Management

  • Gather and organize client event details

  • Create event floorplans, timelines and contingency plans

  • Coordinate with clients’ vendors before and during events

  • Manage wedding client ceremonies and rehearsals

  • Receive client rentals/items before event

Business Support

  • Provide site tours for prospective clients

  • Compile linen orders for upcoming events

  • Observe event execution to improve Jorgensen Farms’ processes for future event success

  • Monitor facility cleanliness and overall functionality

  • Whatever it takes to create a comfortable, welcoming and supportive environment for JF Staff and Guests


  • Guest-centric and team-focused mentality

  • Minimum of 2 years of wedding, event and catering management experience

  • Technical competence (software, networks, A/V)

  • Availability to work evenings, weekends and holidays and comfort working in any kind of weather

  • Undergraduate degree preferred